Post Liposuction Massage

Manual lymphatic drainage is a noninvasive, nonsurgical therapeutic massage (MLD) which can reduce chronic or acute swelling (oedema) after surgery, whether this be cosmetic surgery such as liposuction or after some other medical procedure including cancer treatment which often requires removing your lymph nodes.

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) can also reduce swelling if you are pregnant and water retention during pregnancy, such as swollen feet. So if you’re asking, ‘how do I treat swollen ankles’ you found your solution.

Another enormous benefit to manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is that if you’re suffering with oedema regardless of having had surgery, then you will also enjoy this gentle bodywork massage.

Post liposuction is even more of an issue because during the recovery period, you wear a compression garment. This is to help move along the fluid and stop a build up, but because the item is tight, it can often also make it a little more difficult for the fluid to drain it if is in the crease of your groin for instance.

Even more severe than the compression garment is having those lymph nodes removed. Cancer patients often really suffer with this, for instance, if you have breast cancer then you'll likely have some damage, but all kinds of cancer can cause invasive treatment therapy and leave your lymphatic system battered and bruised.

There are two disorders that manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is great for. Oedema as we've mentioned above, but don't need to specifically come following surgery, some people just have it. And lymphoedema. We cover these details but suffice to say, if they don't come postoperatively then they can often be because of autoimmune conditions.